About Us

We work towards the goal of universal safety with the hope of offering AID



We raise awareness and shed light on gun violence through social media, events, forums, and public speeches.



We inform the community on important conceptions, root causes, and effective solutions surrounding gun violence. We work with school districts to inform kids on gun violence and operate a blog titled You Probably Didn’t Know.



Through hosting public events, volunteering with inner city communities, and promoting effective solutions, we take action to improve the safety of our community.

Our Story

  • We have a problem

    Every year, approximately 30,000 American citizens die due to firearm related deaths and 70,000 are injured.

  • Unsuccessful Gun Control

    Since 2011, the NRA has defeated over 100 proposed gun control bills. Due to the extreme polarization surrounding gun violence and the colossal influence of gun lobbies, it has become obvious that gun control is not a solution for gun violence in the foreseeable future.

  • Who we are

    We are a group of students dedicated to promoting gun safety in the community through initiatives that do not involve gun control or restrictions on firearms.

  • What we do

    We use tools such as social media, work with underprivileged youth, update an informational blog, and plan public events to promote gun safety throughout the community.

  • You can make a change

    Follow Our Safety on social media, get involved with community events, subscribe to You Probably Didn’t Know, or share your story with us so we can make our communities safer.

Our team

Rahul Aggarwal

Founder and Executive Director

Sameer Jain

Director of Operations

Rohan Harpalini

Director of Outreach

Jonah Liu

Director of Technology

Rahul Koul

Director of Technology

Shivam Dongre

Director of Finance

Dan Khomusi

Director of Finance

Aaryan Menon

Administrative Coordinator

Kunal Daftari

Program Coordinator

Michael Bugayong

Adil Khadri

Creative Director

Ananya Ram

Public Relations Administrator