Mission Statement

Our goal is to recognize America’s ongoing issues with gun violence and work towards improving citizens’ safety through a non-partisan, systematic approach.


100 Lives

Every day, 100 people lose their lives to gun violence. 100 lives, 100 families, 100 friends, 100 communities are affected by guns every day. However, those 100 lives are not avenged due to the ongoing debate about gun control which has no foreseeable legislation.

As students, we hope to change that by developing effective solutions that do not focus on gun control, rather they focus on safety. We work with inner-city communities, fellow students, local politicians, and other organizations to PROMOTE GUN SAFETY IN THE COMMUNITY.

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You Probably Didn't Know

YPDK’s purpose is to share information regarding gun violence that the general public is usually unaware of.
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With the hope of spreading the message of gun safety throughout the community,
Our Safety plans different public events that help promote gun safety in their unique ways.
Look at the calendar below for upcoming events and please contact oursafetyusa@gmail.com for additional information!

Calendar - Naperville/Aurora Town Hall / Aug 4 / 1-4:30 / Naperville Public Library 95th Street

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